Thursday, January 4, 2007

More on typesetting

I tried to write more about this mimeTeX, but the frustrations with blogger made me erase the whole thing. Turns out that you can use a public server that was generously provided by Mr. Forkosh to generate gifs of LaTeX code. Here is an example

< img src="\sqrt{a^2+b^2}"
alt="" border=0 align=middle >

Unfortunately, I think one needs very light background, for these to be visible, so I need to make that happen (I'm guessing it'd be enough to make a white box around the gif). Maybe this'll work:

Gotta go walk the dogs. I'll try to make it work later :)

1 comment:

e said...

I can't remove the borders around these. i did set border=0 but it's still showing. The weird thing is that if you just view image then there is no border. Crazy.