Saturday, December 29, 2007

Never been tagged before...

I was catching up with JD's blog and was very surprised to find my name at the bottom of this post. I was curious if I could even come up with seven things. They might be fairly random. Not too weird, I don't think. Here we go:

1. Quit smoking about three years ago, cold turkey. Speaking of which I believe I only ate turkey once shortly before becoming vegetarian (don't think two were related). Quitting smoking and eating meat are both surprising if you know anything about country I come from: Bosnia and Herzegovina. Still drink coffee, though.

2. I've started many a thing in which I lost interest shortly thereafter. It worries me still. I wonder what I else I will give up.

3. I've twirled my hair since I had it, is what my parents say. It is so me, that I haven't even noticed that my husband, then boyfriend, was doing it as well until our parents cracked up about it. My hair is now less than an inch short which makes twirling really hard. I steal his now and then for twirling purposes.

4. I don't understand people's obsession with procreating.

5. I used to be tolerant of people's religious beliefs. I still think to each their own, but I am not very concerned with not being perceived as offensive. I realize that I do not respect nor tolerate ignorance, nor unfounded statements in any other realm of life, so I don't see why I should when it comes to religion. And I don't mind saying it.

6. I have never been afraid of flying. Well, never until two years ago. Particularly turbulent flight from Zagreb to Sarajevo has made me really nervous about flying. I've been trying to ask as many questions as I can about planes and flying. I am particularly sad that I hadn't been paying attention in my physics classes. I just realized that I forgot to ask if a wing can fall off and what would happen then.

7. I can talk pretty much with anybody about pretty much anything. Except for my dad. He has a particular gift of upsetting me almost as soon as he opens his mouth. All right, a slight exaggeration, but only slight. My sister says that I am much more critical of my parents than of other people. I think I ought to be. They are my parents.

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Tagging 7 other people would be hard. I'm afraid the meme dies here.


Anonymous said...

I quit smoking almost 10 years ago, cold turkey. I still miss the smell. I also miss the weight (now more than 20 lbs more than my most typical smoking weight!)

e said...

I miss the mechanics of it. Smell not so much. Just came back form visiting my folks. The temperatures were pretty low, but I had to keep the windows open almost constantly because I thought I'd suffocate from all the smoke. My mom probably won't be too happy with her heating bill.

H. said...

I almost started defending your father by saying it's not his fault he's your parent, but then that didn't seem right :)

My father is on the other side of the Atlantic. I never could think of a suitable response to his "People with open minds get a lot of garbage thrown into them", but of course it must be: "People with closed minds never get it out!"

e said...

He he.

You should pick up the meme. I'd love to learn 7 random things about you.