Thursday, November 15, 2007


I have a hard time with this one. I think it's children's natural state to have attention deficit and to be hyperactive and I do not think we should drug them because they are. That is not to say that I doubt disorder's existence, I just doubt that it is as common as it is diagnosed. I am listening to Talk of the nation and they are talking about the latest study that shows that an individual may grow out of the ADHD, that is that the part of brain responsible may just take little longer to develop in ADHD individuals, but once it does these people no longer have ADHD. A woman calls in says she was told she had ADHD, so if she doesn't have it anymore, how would she know!?!


Lsquared said...

Maybe, but I saw an article on this that shows that kids who are on ADHD meds have brain activity scans close to normal, and if they go off the meds, their brain scans change (regress). My depression seems like a pretty normal state, too, but I'm a lot more productive when I'm on anti-depressants, so I'm sticking with it.

Dawn said...

Here's a really good breakdown of the study by a homeschooling mom...

I'm diagnosed with ADD myself. I still tend to think it's wildy overdosed and the symptoms many kids display are more to do with the environment they're forced to cope with more than any inherent disorder.

With the push to get gest into structured education programs younger and younger I predict more and more ADD diagnoses and frankly, new learning disabilities.