Friday, September 28, 2007

Hurt feelings

Today is the third (fourth? who's counting) time in two weeks I cried because of things my students said. I guess I am starting to doubt that I can even teach. But what I wanted to leave a note about is this: we always talk about how we have to be careful when we talk to our students, but nobody ever tells students they should be careful about the way they talk to their teachers. Teachers have feelings, too. I suppose it's fine of the time, but it's the students who want to be teachers that I am sad about. It just seems that there is a serious case of split personality. When you're a student you're a student only, and when you're a teacher you forget you were a student. I'm just gonna go mop around some more.


Jackie said...

Oh, I hate days like this. I'm sorry your feelings were hurt. Chocolate usually helps me get through it - well it makes it easier for the moment.

Mike said...


Hang in there. I don't know the context of the student comments, but I'm at home tonight (Friday night) grading Algebra 2 tests. It's quite painful. Spent 3 weeks teaching a chapter, gave a chapter test, and wow, many of the tests are breathtakingly bad ... I can try to console myself by stating that most of the students began the class with a very poor foundation, and thus are not ready to take Algebra 2 (but nonetheless are in my class because the school put them there). But still, I know that my teaching methods are not working for many. I know this experience is not directly relevant to your posting, but just wanted to say that teaching is tough in many ways ...

e said...

Jackie, I would have gladly taken the chocolate advice. The problem is that yesterday morning I went to the dentist and he allegedly fixed two of my teeth (located in the diametrically opposite corners of my mouth) and for some strange reason my whole jaw hurt the whole day. I guess part of the reason I took things badly could have been lack of nourishments as well as painful mouth.

It's good to hear from you! But I am sorry your students aren't doing as well as you think they should. I know how disappointing that is.

Anonymous said...

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